...and there is another Lail in the world!


As of 12:03 a.m. Thursday morning, there is another Lail in this world! Derrick and Jennifer gave birth to a healthy (and rather big) baby girl. She weighs 8 lbs and 12 oz and she is 21in long.
Her name is Peyton Leigh and I have NEVER seen so much hair on a newborn in my life! I can't wait to babysit!

One more Janke in this world


Yes i started a blog. AND I'm excited about having one! This is just a way for those who are interested in mine and Andrew's married life can read about it. That is still so weird to say...married. I am a wife and I have a husband. I still get the biggest smile on my face when read that. And our wedding day was by far the best day of my life. To be able to celebrate with all of my friends and family was truly amazing. Thank you all that were able to come. I hope you had just as great a time as Andrew and I did.

Our honeymoon was wonderful and relaxing and so perfect. God has truly blessed me with an amazing man that I know will take care of me, stand beside me in life's ups and downs and love me until the end of time. And that may be cheesy, but hey I am married now so it's okay. I am so excited to see what He has in store for us in the years to come. I can't even begin to imagine, but I do know that it will be wonderful!
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