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Sorry I haven't posted much on here! Unfortunately there is really not a whole lot to talk about right now. I am still in the whole job hunting process (please pray!!!) so here I am on a Wednesday afternoon, writing for our blog. Life has been pretty quiet and very enjoyable these past few weeks. Andrew and I are still learning and adjusting to married life, because it is a huge adjustment when you go from seeing someone every few weeks to everyday (trust me, I'm not complaining). And slowly, but surely, we are finding our rhythm. Our church (Central Church of God) offers a "Young and Married" Sunday school that we are going to start attending and I can't wait. It will be nice to meet other couples at this church. It's been hard going from a smaller (but ever growing) church like Cornerstone to a church that averages a couple thousand attendees every Sunday morning. God has definitely been teaching both of us patience. Patience with each other, job situations, growing up and learning. Marriage is nothing like you expect it to be. It is better in so many instances and could be better in others. I am not trying to sound like I am a fountain of knowledge because I know that I'm not. But I am excited for the journey that Andrew and I have embarked on with each other and God.

On another note, I miss my friends greatly! I miss allllll of the girls that made my last few months in Boone amazing and memorable. Thank you all so much (those that read this) and I can't wait to see you again ASAP!

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