Mondays & Tuesdays


So you know how most people hate Mondays? Well not me because Mondays and Tuesdays are Andrew's two days off during the week. And right now, since I don't have a job yet, we get both of those days to do whatever, whenever. It's so nice not to have to rush around or try to cram things in before he goes to work. There is no such thing as spending TOO much time with you husband. I don't feel like we get enough sometimes, but today was a very good day. We got up and took Sam to the vet (which she of course hated) then came back and ate lunch and relaxed and took some afternoon naps. Afterwards, I had my first real job interview (yay!) . I think it went well and the two women that interviewed me were really sweet which definitely helped with the nerves aspect of it. I won't know anything until probably Thursday or Friday, but at least I had stepping stone. When I got home, dinner was ready, the dishes were washed and a load of laundry had been done. Have I mentioned that I have the best husband EVER!? Unfortunately, someone has to work, and he has to go back tomorrow. Thankfully I have another interview scheduled so I won't be sitting around all day (please feel free to pray--2:00). All of this to say, I really, really, REALLY love my husband and it has been a great day.

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