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This is going to sound weird. And you may even think I'm crazy for saying this. But oh well...I love fighting with Andrew. See, I told you, crazy. I mean, I don't like actually fighting, but I enjoy the fact that we can talk about things that frustrate us, make us mad, etc. Last night had our first "fight". For about 30 minutes we sat there and told each other what was frustrating us and making us mad and afterwards there was a HUGE difference even in how we talked to each other. It has always been hard for me to really say what was bothering me, but Andrew won't let me not talk. And thank goodness for that! On another note, something that Andrew and I have started doing after dinner, is sitting down and reading the Bible together. Right now we are reading Acts and I have loved sitting and listening to Andrew read out loud and us discussing what we liked, what we think is the most important and the overall theme or purpose of verses/chapters. It has been a great way for us to spend quality time together as well as in the Word. OK, that's the last of the seriousness. Yesterday we went and saw The Dark Knight and I am going to say what almost everyone else has is AMAZING! I normally dislike long movies (and 2.5 hours is long) but once it was over, I was ready for more. I hope they come out with a 3rd one. So other than me having a phone interview sometime this week with a marketing company here in Charlotte, that is all I have to report! Life is great. One thing to leave you with is this:This would be Sam waiting patiently for a piece of popcorn from Andrew last night. Bless it.

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Anonymous said...

i love you :)

haha you are so funny
it's weird reading your blog because you've never had one EVER even though back in the day when we were like 14 i tried to convince you to write one

miss you


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