Couldn't have asked for a better weekend!


This weekend was AMAZING! Saturday afternoon, Andrew and I drove up to Boone for Fan Fest and to see some of our friends that we haven't seen in a ridiculously long time. It was crazy to see all the changes the stadium has undergone and it's not even finished yet.
The visitors side where they added like 2,000 seats
The home side will be amazing once it's done

After I finished marveling at all the changes, I was able to actually start enjoying the day and start looking for our friends! Thankfully it didn't take long and we just walked around and talked to everyone.

Andrew and I

With Blake and Coach Trey

Lovely Meagan!

The best part of Fan Fest is being able to watch the team scrimmage and get a taste for the what the season will be like. And I have a feeling that this season will be pretty awesome. Another great part of being in Boone is being able to eat dinner at Dos Amigos. Even if the rest of the day had been a bust, the cheese dip would've made up for it. Unfortunately, after dinner we had to start heading back, but not before stopping in Blowing Rock to see the wonderful Chris Wilson.
We also got to see a couple of our other friends when we got to where he was, so that was a great surprise. We finally left to drive back down the mountain around 9:30 so that we could get back at a decent hour and go pick up Sam. When we got home, I checked my email and found out that Steffi and her husband were going to be in Boone on Sunday. Needless to say, that kinda put a damper on an otherwise perfect Saturday. But by the time I fell asleep, I had figured out a way that I could still see her. Around 11:45 this morning, I left Charlotte and made the drive to Winston-Salem. I spent most of the day with my parents, but I got to spend about an hour with both her and Andrew at Starbucks. That hour completed the best weekend ever.
So there is my long story on why this weekend was the best one ever!

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