Haircuts and such


So after MONTHS of having to let my hair grow, I was finally able to get it cut yesterday! Nothing huge, just a couple of inches. But it feels AMAZING!
Alisha and I after our haircuts!

It feels so strange to not be starting classes in a few weeks. To know that I am finished with school forever, is just hard to believe. For months and months I was marking the days off of my calendar until graduation and now that the new school year is approaching and I will not have to stand in eternally long lines for books, food, and parking spots, I feel a little out of place in life. I feel as though I am in a very in between space (for lack of better phrasing). I know I'm married, searching for a full-time-"grown-up" job, but at the same time, I will miss getting up for class, meeting friends in the student union and getting into football games for free (that's a biggie). However, I suppose that is life in a nutshell. Change; it happens. But I am excited for everything to that is to come. And I know that for at least one of those games to take place in Kidd Brewer Stadium, I will stand and yell as proud alumni...but I may be standing in the student section.

Things do not change; we change.
--Henry David Thoreau

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Sheila said...

I love new haircuts! You both look adorable!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your hair :) it looks so cute. i bet it feels better during the summertime.

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