I hate them and I'm not good at them


Goodbyes suck. I have NEVER been good with or at them. Well I had to go through one yesterday (sorta). My best friend all through college, the girl that stood by side through the ups and downs that life can throw at you, the one that I laughed and cried with over boys, is moving to Kentucky. Louisville to be exact. The wonderful person I am referring to is Allison Bowen. She is moving there to start her full time ministry working with inner city children. And, yes, I know she is doing what God has called her to do, but it's still hard. I am so incredibly proud of her, and I can't wait to hear about all the things that she is doing.
us getting our nails done before my wedding!

at my rehearsal dinner

in the limo for Steffi's bachlorette night

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