Praise the Lord, i have a job!!


After months and months of searching and praying for a job, I have one! God totally just shoved it in my face. It started this morning when I got an email from a friend from high school that I haven't even spoken to in months. She was telling me that the pediatricians office that she worked for needed some front desk help. I called her and spoke to her and then her boss and then went in for an interview at 12. The rest is history! It's so crazy just because they had over 100 applicants for the position, but the clinic director (manager?) told me that she hadn't found the person that would fit perfectly with the rest of girls that worked in the front. And she told me that she believed that I would be a great fit. I have to go tomorrow and handle all of the HR stuff and I will start on August 25th. I am so excited! And the best part about it is that I can wear scrubs if I want to! It's the little things in life that make me happy!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha, you dork. you are so gonna go get UNC basketball scrubs. i can see it now. or maybe jellybean ones. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!!!

colleen said...

Oh Scrubs will be awesome!! I know you are so pleased! What wonderful things the Lord does for us!

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