Ups and downs


Prepare yourself for possibly the deepest, most though-provoking statement EVER...are you ready? Life is FULL of changes and ups and downs. See, you're amazed aren't you? Yeah I thought so. These past couple of weeks have definitely felt that way for me. I'm slowly learning that marriage is not something that can be figured out in 3 months (can you believe that?). But anyways, Andrew and I are trying to figure out different things that we can both do and work on to insure our sanity. The past few days were kind of rough for various reasons that I will not bore you with. But finally last night, we sat down and talked out some things that have just been held silent. It was great and extremely freeing. I am blessed to have a husband who is willing to admit when he's messed up or acknowledge when something needs to change with him or me or both. All in all, last night made up for the past few weeks 10 times over.

On another note, the Bible study that I (we, whenever Andrew can make it) has been so great and such an amazing learning experience. God is using the Burger family in a remarkable way and I am so excited to be a part of it.

I'm excited for this weekend for a couple of reasons; 1) the weekends are always nice 2) tonight Andrew and I are going to dinner and watching Made of Honor (yay!) 3) I get to go to Winston and get my hair done and get to spend time with my parents. and 4) Church on Sunday is always worth looking forward to. And on top of all of that the temperatures are falling and the crispness is starting to creep into the air. Loving life and taking it all day at a time.'s Friday!


I love Friday's.

That's it. I love them.

It's nice to know that for 2 days, I can more or less do what I please. Tonight Andrew and I are cooking seafood (and when i say Andrew and I, i really just mean him) and watching a "The Prestige". I am excited to see the movie for two reasons; 1) it looks really good and 2) Christian Bale is one good looking guy. It will be nice that tonight, Andrew and I can relax after a long week of work...although he still has to work this weekend. So I guess it's not AS nice for him. Speaking of work, even though I have really been enjoying my job, today was definitely a not so great day. I'm still learning and getting into the swing of things and today was just not the day to be at that level. Overall, it was a pretty steady, not so crazy day. But sometime after lunch, EVERYTHING arose. I think of myself as a pretty good multi-tasker, but today I may as well have been the worst. 14,003,975 things were going on at the same time and I was pretty sure my head was going to implode.

Thankfully, it didn't and things finally calmed down. Everything got done that needed to get done (more or less) and I was even able to leave early. But right before I did, the two girls that I work with stood around and talked for a few minutes and that was by far the best part of my work day. So even though it had it's rough parts, today was actually a pretty good day. And now I'm ready for my seafood dinner that my amazing husband is fixing at this very moment!

Fall & football are here!


After months of hot summer days, it is finally time for the temperature to start falling and for excitement in the sports world to once again arise. I love this time of year. The weather tends to be more or less perfect! Andrew and I recently bought a "grow it yourself" pumpkin kit (yes, we know we're nerds) and they have actually started growing. We'll have to see if anything actually comes from a pumpkin. But, it's still fun to see it's progress. I have finally settled into the routine of getting up early and going to work all day, and I'm really starting to enjoy it. I love the people that I work with and that definitely helps the day. It's hard though to get everything in during the day that I need to. I supposed that's how it will just be though. On another note, Andrew and I have started going to a Bible study that the Burger family is leading. Well, me all the time, and Andrew whenever he doesn't have to work. It has been such a blessing. I have known I've needed a something like this, but I just wasn't sure where it would come from. And here it is, my answered prayer. There is really nothing to report other than that! Life is great and I love having an amazing husband...and a pretty great puppy!

So the past couple of weeks...


I am so sorry it's taken so long to write a new post!! These past couple of weeks have been slightly hectic, but in a good way. I just finished my first week of work so that was a huge plus. It definitely will not be a hard job, which is good and bad. Good that it more than likely will not stress me out; bad that I will probably become bored after a couple of months. So we will just have to see. But I really like the people I work with. The other front desk girls are really sweet and most of the nurses are nice too. An overall very positive atmosphere. On Saturday before the App/LSU game, I went and bought my first few sets of scrubs (yay!). I can't wait to wear some this week. And I just finished ordering some Grey's Anatomy scrubs (it is an actual brand) and those will be great becasue they are super soft. Okay, enough about my scrubs. It was nice to have a long weekend and be able to actually look forward to a weekend. Saturday, I watched football pretty much all day and just relaxed which was fun and very needed. I hated to watch App not do so hot in Baton Rouge, but it is always a fun thing to see them competing against such a well known football team. Church yesterday was AMAZING and I needed to hear that message so much. It's so funny how God can just remind you of His love and grace at the times you need it the most and may not even realize it. I also got to see some family friends that I haven't really seen in YEARS! They were at my wedding, but I didn't really get much of a chance to talk to them, so last night was great. Today, Andrew and I both had the day off and we were able to spend it together and with some of our great friends. We met up with with Jen, Derrick, Chris, Kristin, Hollie, Joel, and a few others at TGI Fridays.

The cute couple!Poor baby Peyton with a cherry in her face

During lunch, some of the guys thought that it would be a good idea to tell the waitress that Derrick's birthday was today and if today was in February, then maybe. But thankfully they do not check id's and so we all got to split a huge bowl of ice cream. I'm all for free dessert. After lunch, we proceeded to walk around Concord Mills for what felt like a lifetime. It was nice though just to spend some more time with people we don't get to see that often. We finally left to drive back home around 4:15. Once we got here, Andrew went to the store and got the makings for lasagna. It was soooo good. I had been craving it ever since I had seen it on Run's House. But, it's back to the working world tomorrow morning bright and early! I hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day weekend!

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