Ah...it's Friday!


I love Friday's.

That's it. I love them.

It's nice to know that for 2 days, I can more or less do what I please. Tonight Andrew and I are cooking seafood (and when i say Andrew and I, i really just mean him) and watching a "The Prestige". I am excited to see the movie for two reasons; 1) it looks really good and 2) Christian Bale is one good looking guy. It will be nice that tonight, Andrew and I can relax after a long week of work...although he still has to work this weekend. So I guess it's not AS nice for him. Speaking of work, even though I have really been enjoying my job, today was definitely a not so great day. I'm still learning and getting into the swing of things and today was just not the day to be at that level. Overall, it was a pretty steady, not so crazy day. But sometime after lunch, EVERYTHING arose. I think of myself as a pretty good multi-tasker, but today I may as well have been the worst. 14,003,975 things were going on at the same time and I was pretty sure my head was going to implode.

Thankfully, it didn't and things finally calmed down. Everything got done that needed to get done (more or less) and I was even able to leave early. But right before I did, the two girls that I work with stood around and talked for a few minutes and that was by far the best part of my work day. So even though it had it's rough parts, today was actually a pretty good day. And now I'm ready for my seafood dinner that my amazing husband is fixing at this very moment!

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