Ups and downs


Prepare yourself for possibly the deepest, most though-provoking statement EVER...are you ready? Life is FULL of changes and ups and downs. See, you're amazed aren't you? Yeah I thought so. These past couple of weeks have definitely felt that way for me. I'm slowly learning that marriage is not something that can be figured out in 3 months (can you believe that?). But anyways, Andrew and I are trying to figure out different things that we can both do and work on to insure our sanity. The past few days were kind of rough for various reasons that I will not bore you with. But finally last night, we sat down and talked out some things that have just been held silent. It was great and extremely freeing. I am blessed to have a husband who is willing to admit when he's messed up or acknowledge when something needs to change with him or me or both. All in all, last night made up for the past few weeks 10 times over.

On another note, the Bible study that I (we, whenever Andrew can make it) has been so great and such an amazing learning experience. God is using the Burger family in a remarkable way and I am so excited to be a part of it.

I'm excited for this weekend for a couple of reasons; 1) the weekends are always nice 2) tonight Andrew and I are going to dinner and watching Made of Honor (yay!) 3) I get to go to Winston and get my hair done and get to spend time with my parents. and 4) Church on Sunday is always worth looking forward to. And on top of all of that the temperatures are falling and the crispness is starting to creep into the air. Loving life and taking it all day at a time.

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