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That is my age. I remember when that sounded so old and I know I realize exactly how much of a baby I am. Yes, I'm married and have a full time job, BUT I still have so much to learn and so many areas yet to grow. And I am embracing those things. God has taught me not to rush through life because now, I am looking back at my college years, the months before the wedding and even my wedding day...and I miss it all so much. As easy as it is to say "every day is a gift" why is it so hard to treat it that way? God gives us each and everyday to make a difference, to glorify HIS name. And I know that may seem simple and possibly cheesy, but have you taken time today to realize the grace He poured over you so that you may wake up and start a brand new day? Blessings come in every way, and hearing your alarm clock this morning (even if it's at 6am) is a blessing.
Okay, so let me tell you about the blessings I had yesterday. Andrew and I both took yesterday off so that we could spend it together and that in itself was great. I opened my presents first thing yesterday morning (because I am 5 years old) and discovered the 4th season of Grey's Anatomy, the new Nicholas Sparks book, and a gift card to American Eagle (yay!). I was so excited about all of it. Presents were followed by Andrew making me pancakes for breakfast and then going to a pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin of the year.
We of course had to take Sam with us!
After pumpkin picking, we got some lunch and just relaxed for the rest of afternoon. Dinner was the BEST because we had Cheesecake Factory (and if you've never had it, I HIGHLY recommend it). The food was great and our service was AMAZING which always makes everything a little better.
Yay for birthday sundaes! Once we got home, we carved our pumpkin and then spent the rest of the evening watching Halloween episodes of shows. It was perfect!
Happy Halloween!!!

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