First Panthers game!!!


I have FINALLY gone to a Panthers football game, and let me tell you, it was so much fun! Andrew was able to get tickets earlier in the week and I was pumped because it was for the Saints game which was definitely the one I wanted to make it to (I have a thing for Reggie Bush). We were able to get there with enough time to walk around and see just what Bank of America Stadium is all about.
Creepy guy...
Once we got into the stadium (and away from the creepy guy) we went to the Fan Store and looked at all the overpriced stuff before grabbing some lunch and making it to our seats.
Yay first Panthers game!
Once the game started, it was pretty obvious who was going to win, so we were able to sit back, relax and enjoy. We actually ended up seeing two of our friends from school and we were able to sit with them for a little bit which made the whole afternoon a little better. After the game, we went back to Andrews parent's house and ate dinner. It was a chilly day and we had put Sam's UNC sweater on her and of course I had to get some "family"pictures!
Christmas card potential?? I think so!

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