Describes my life these past few weeks. Between work, Christmas shopping and traveling, I am ready to sleep for about a week straight! Two weekends ago, Andrew and I went to Boone for the App playoff game, and needless to say, the outcome was not what we had hoped. But despite that, we had a great time seeing friends and going to Cornerstone Summit that Sunday morning (by far the best part). It made me realize just how much that church and town influenced both mine and Andrew's lives.
Then, not even a week later, Andrew and I left to visit the Briley's up in Baltimore. It was so great to go up there and see where they've lived and what they've been a part of for the past year. Andrew and I left Friday morning at 5a.m. and met Steffi and (her) Andrew in a town that's between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. From there we took the metro (i love saying that) to D.C. for the afternoon.

Fresh off the metro and into the cold!
Love this picture!
We were in D.C. long enough to do a little sight-seeing and go to the Holocaust Museum and one of the Smithsonian's. After that, we hopped back on the metro, got our cars and went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory (my favorite!). And that pretty much sums up Friday because after all was said and done, we were all exhausted! Saturday was spent eating yummy food, walking around the Harbor and finding pretty much the most interesting and amusing place in Baltimore to watch the Carolina basketball game.

Yes, that's Michael Phelps. He won some medals
Two greats under one roof!At Looney's for the game/best Santa's EVER!

Another great point of Saturday night is that Steffi and Andrew (B) were on the news! A cameraman was asking people to give their input for the Baltimore/Pittsburgh game (worst calls EVER) and they chose the the Briley's to be one of the people they showed during the 11 o'clock news! It was hilarious and made for the best ending of the night! Sunday, we went to church, and afterward went to the ESPNZone to watch the Raven's game and let me tell you, people up there are intense about their team. We left around halftime and finished watching at in the safety of the Briley home. Once the game was over, Steffi and I went and got ice cream and Wall-E from the Blockbuster. It was such a good movie! I highly reccomend it. Monday (the sad last day) we were able to visit Hopkins and see where Steffi spends the majority of her life.
So beautiful!

After our short tour (Steffi is a great guide) we went to Fells Pointe, which is a super cute area on the water with a ton of great stores. We (the girls) probably could've spent hours walking and shopping, but we decided to spare the boys. But it was a beautiful place!
We ate dinner at this amazing restaurant called "Mama's on the Half Shell"--gotta love the name--and we all probably weighed 5lbs more after we left. The food was incredible!
And unfortunately, that pretty much is all there is to tell. Andrew and I drove back to Charlotte Tuesday and the real world started back. Baltimore was amazing though and I loved being able to see 2 of my best friends for four uninterupted days! And I can't wait to do it again! Hope everyone is getting pumped for the days ahead! Yummy food and good times with family and friends!

P.S. 8 more days till Christmas!!!

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