Christmas '08


This was a Christmas of firsts; my first one as a wife, not a student, the proud owner of a crazy puppy, and I was actually able to contribute to the festivities with food! I mean, I'm sure I could have done that before, but it's easier when you're trying to finish up finals and whatnot. The Saturday before Christmas, Andrew and I went up to Wilkesboro to spend time with my grandparents and my mom's side of the family. It was great to see some family that I hadn't seen since our wedding. We ate some great food, opened presents and just spent some time together. Then on Christmas eve, we did some "last minute shopping" (for Sam) and just relaxed most of the day. We got ready and went to church at 4 for a beautiful Christmas service. For some reason, I was really emotional and could hardly make it through most of it without tears in my eyes. It was amazing how much you could feel the power of God that night. The longer we were there, the more peace I felt wash over me. One great thing about being older, is understanding the true meaning of Christmas and knowing just how powerful that is. After the church, we drove home, gathered the things we needed for his parents house (and Sam) and headed over there. That night was spent watching the kids open up all of their presents and eating some yummy food and just enjoying each others company.
Andrew's parents tree (and all the presents!)
My crazy haired niece and I!Hubby and I on Christmas eve (the cropped one wasn't working)

Andrew and I also got a few presents as did Sam. After we left, we opened up the presents from each other! That was exciting being able to sit in our apartment and do that (it's the little things). I believe that both of us did an excellent job with our selections. Christmas morning we drove back up to my grandparents and saw more family and ate more food. That was pretty much the trend of this Christmas season--eating.

Mom, Andrew and I on Christmas day

Overall, I would have to say that this was a pretty great Christmas. I loved my first one as a wife and having a husband. But the little changes were hard; not going to my parents on Christmas day and missing out on the little things that I was so used to doing over the years. However, I was okay with the new things that happened this year. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

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