Merry Christmas Eve!!!


I started getting really, really excited yesterday knowing that Christmas was just a mater of hours away. And then I started thinking about how funny it is how when you're little, pretty much from November 1st on is centered around Santa and exactly what presents you were getting. Now, I get excited about funny things like music, smells, food (especially the food) and other little traditions. I love knowing that tonight I will be attending the Christmas eve service with my husband for the first time. Celebrating our first Christmas together is a big deal for me and I'm excited for the ones to come. Another thing that used to not be such a big thing was being with family, whereas now, that is pretty much what our weeks are centered around. For example, tonight after church we'll be going to his parents for food, games and presents and tomorrow morning we'll go to my grandma's for a little bit. I love knowing that we have the opportunities to spend quality time with our families and enjoying their company during this wonderful season! AND another great part about this Christmas is celebrating with our puppy who was getting a little impatient with me last night as I tried to get her picture. Here is one example:She is still so wonderful! Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas eve!!!!

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Ashley M said...

I hope you have a great Christmas with your hubby and puppy Maggie!! :)

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