Flakes are falling...still!


Remember when you were a little kid and you woke up to a snow filled morning and how giddy you were? Well, me, being the mature 23 year old that I am had the same feeling this morning! The ground is covered and the it is still snowing. I was told that if I was needed at work that I would get a phone call--no call yet. And I am really okay with that. Sam and I are just inside staying warm and watching it snow (the inauguration is on as well). Sam's first experience in snow was humorous to say the least; she didn't know what to think of it at first, but quickly learned that it was something else to play with/in.Pretty much the whole time that we were outside, Sam was sticking her face in the snow and kicking it around and basically having fun. I love snow and I'm glad that I have a puppy that appreciates it as well.See, a beautiful winter wonderland, right outside our door! So for now, I will be enjoying the warmth of my apartment with Sam! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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