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This weekend has been great so far, and it's only Saturday. Last night after work, Andrew and I were able to go the Bobcats game (which they won easily against the Phoenix Suns) because it was NASCAR night and he got tickets for free! I looove free sporting event tickets; it just makes it that much more enjoyable! It was a fun game and it was nice to be able to spend time with Andrew on a Friday night. Also, it was weird to think that the last time we went to a Bobcats game together, was on our first date-- it's amazing what just a few years will change...
Shaq is large...
AND another great part of last night's game is that Coach Jerry Moore was recognized (along with Peacock--who did not have the trophies) for being inducted into the NC Sports Hall of Fame! I was super excited about that. Bless him though, he looked so uncomfortable on the big jumbo screen. So pretty much, that was probably the best Bobcats game of the whole season. Today (Saturday) I went to Ashley's (my sister-in-law) baby shower. It was nice to spend time with family and friends and yummy food.

It's always fun to see all the cute baby stuff that people get and Ashley racked up today! After the shower, I went and got my hair trimmed. I've still been trying to find a place here in Charlotte and I think I finally may have! Rachel from Alan Daniels Salon, was great!! She was sweet and I love my hair! [As a side note, this was a busy Saturday] Once finished with my hair, I went to pick Andrew up so we could run a few errands. We went to one place so that I could buy some horseback riding pants (yay!) and then to Target and Pet's Mart. After that, Andrew and I came home, relaxed, and ate some dinner. And that my friends is how my Saturday went; busy but so fun! Tomorrow will be filled with church and horseback riding! I'm sure i'll post on that as well. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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