Jack Frost has come to town!


The low tonight is 14 and it will feel like 10.


Oh how I wish I could stay curled up in my bed all day tomorrow with Andrew, Sam and a mug of hot chocolate! But unfortunately, the real world does not allow for such luxuries. So I will be getting up early and dreading stepping out of the door. HOWEVER, Saturday morning can be spent the way that I wish, because it will still be just as cold that day. On a happier note, it seems as though I will finally be able to start horseback riding again! I rode from 6th grade until the latter part of my freshmen year at App. I haven't ridden since 2005 and I was really hoping that it would be something that I could just look back on and think "yeah, I used to do that"; never happened. I have missed it for years and I can't wait to finally start again. And the best part about it is that I'll be doing it for free because I will be exercising horses for people! I can't wait! I don't have all of the details yet, but I'm sure that once I have them, they'll be on here! I hope everyone stays warm these next few days.

And on a side note, if Carolina doesn't pull out a win tonight, I am taking a sabbatical from college basketball.


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