Moments Molded into Memories


All over news channels, websites, and ESPN's, there have been discussions on what was the "most memorable moments of 2008" and unfortunately there top ones are nothing similar to mine. But since it seems to be the theme, I figured I may as well count down my top 10 moments of 0'08 *i'll try to keep it to 10*

10. T. Hansbrough, W. Ellington, T. Lawson and D. Green coming back to Carolina--come on, it's me. You knew that'd have to be in there somewhere.

9. Graduating from
Appalachian State University (in 4 years)

8. Moving to a new (huge) city and holding my own

7. Learning that God moves in ways that I never knew possible

6. Days, road trips and beach trips with some of the best friends I've ever known

5. Falling, failing, and rising once more

4. Sam :)

3. The love of friends and family

2. Marrying my best friend

1. Having the opportunity to grow, learn, and become the woman of God that I will become

I hope that everyone takes a moment just to take a look back at the past year and see what you've accomplished, what you loved and what you learned. Have a happy new year!!!

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