One Resolution


I told myself (along with a few others) that I would not be making any New Years Resolutions...well, that is about to change. HOWEVER, it will not be one dealing with losing weight, eating better, etc etc. This is one that doesn't have to be finished by next January. This is a simple goal that is neither beneficial of necessary, just fun. And simply put, I would like to make time this year to organize some scrapbooks, photo albums and other memory holders. I realize that Andrew and I have probably taken around a hundred pictures of Sam. Some of which are just too good to let sit taking up space on our hard drive. And I believe it is time for us to take our wedding photos and other various paraphernalia and put it one place. So there, that is my one resolution. And I really do hope that I can see it through!

On another note, I'm really excited for Bible study to be starting back this week. We'll be reading and studying the book of Romans which is an extremely interesting and educational. And I've really missed the fellowship that takes place at the Burgers. That family just makes my heart smile. AND on another note, the wonderful Alisha Burger is engaged!!! She and James will be getting married on June 2oth and I am so excited. They are great couple and a great people. I am excited for 2009 to unfold.

I'll keep you posted on the scrapbooking journey.

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Tom Burger said...

I've missed the sweet fellowship of our Bible study, too. Can't wait to tackle Romans with you all.

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