Life the past couple of weeks...


...has changed drastically! Starting Monday the 16th, I will be at a new job. It's still a front desk position at a doctors office, but it is waaaaay closer and I'll be making more money. And at this time of decreasing jobs and poor economy, etc. I will take whatever I can get especially if I'll be making more money. I was really scared to do my 2 weeks notice, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So now I just have one more week until I will be driving 10 minutes to work as opposed to 30 minutes or more, I'll get to sleep later, and I'll be home earlier in the evenings-- Hooray for all of those things. On another note, as of today Carolina has won 6 games in a row (no sabbatical for me!). They play this afternoon against UVA so we'll see how that goes. Life has been relatively calm (aside from the new job) and Andrew and I are just continue to learn what it means to be married and the challenges and blessings that go along with it. We have been attending the Young and Married Sunday School at Central and it has been amazing. The couples we have met there are great and I really hope that these are people that we will be able to build relationships and friendships with down the road.

So for now, that is really all I have to post about! I'm really excited for the spring temps that have started appearing for the first time! I love all that springs brings (minus the allergies). Hope everyone has a great weekend and week to come!

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