One of the best things the commentators said this afternoon as the Carolina-Duke game came to a close was this: "The difference between Duke and Carolina is that Carolina has Ty Lawson and Duke doesn't". The pretty much sums up the season. What Carolina lacks in it's ability to win games in a pretty way, they make up for it 10x over with their heart. Ty Lawson played today's game with a busted up toe; Bobby Frasor fought for possession time and time again; and as usual, Tyler Hansbrough never gave up (hit 2 3pt shots in the 1st). Halfway through the first half, the Tar Heels had 5 different players score. And although that statistic may not sound like much, that is a significant number. It was a great game. Both teams fought hard and played harder, but in the end, the better team won. Carolina has ruined the past 2 senior night's at Cameron and none of those guys were gonna let the same thing happen in the Dean Dome. This win gave them the outright (a phrase that was way overused today) ACC regular season title. This coming week is the ACC tournement and then starts the Big Dance. Everything else is worthless if they don't make these coming weeks count.I can't remember what Carolina was like before Tyler Hansbrough...I guess only too soon I will find out. Like I said before, it was a great game and I couldn't have imagined a better senior night. And maybe, just maybe, we will see them cutting down the nets in Detroit. 9 more games...

...GO HEELS!!!

p.s. if you don't like Carolina, then reading this post was probably waste of your time!

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