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So before I launch into my entirely too long dissertation on how amazing Carolina basketball is, let me first start off talking about how amazing our Lord Jesus Christ is. This morning at church, Pastor Livingston talked about the cross. Yes, that is all...the cross. And this morning at church, I realized just how much I take that one thing for granted. When you are focusing on the cross and your eyes are on nothing else but it, no fear or trouble can control you. The cross is what keeps us going, it's what keeps us filled with peace and trust. In Isaiah 26, he talks about "perfect peace", and as impossible as that may seem, it is what happens with the cross. Perfect peace is when your enemy is dead and with the cross, I am dead to the world and the world is dead to me; hence, my enemy is dead. How simple. God has laid a hand of protection over all of us. He will make a difference. When we turn completely from the world so that we can serve Him completely, He is there.
"He'll move Heaven and earth
to come and rescue me..."--Nicole C. Mullen

And on to part 2 of this post: Welcome to Detroit! Carolina has made it to the Final Four two times in a row and I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that the result is better than last year. They were amazing this weekend; Friday's game turned out better then I could have ever imagined. Everything that everyone has questioned of the course of the season was answered. The heart, desire and defense was there and carried over into today. Both Gonzaga and Oklahoma are great programs and played great games...but Carolina is better. And that is all anyone needs to know. March is looking better and better!

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