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I have been so slack on posting lately! There is really no excuse other than I'm just lazy and really haven't had a whole lot to talk about! One big thing is that Andrew and I have a new little nephew!!Both Armani and mom are doing great and were able to go home yesterday. It's exciting to have a new baby in the family! Another thing from this week is that we got snow...again. I think this time we got around 4-6''. We didn't go into work until about 1 which totally messed me up.
It was pretty...but it's March. The time for slightly warmer temps and great basketball! That of course is the main point of March to me. Carolina's senior day is tomorrow. It's crazy to think that the guys that have been there for the past 4 years ( Tyler Hansbrough, Bobby Frasor, Danny Green, Mike Copeland, Patrick Moody, J.B. Tanner, and Jack Wooten) will never set foot on that court to play a game as Tar Heels again. I am a freak and that makes me a little emotional. I'm excited to see how they do in the tournament and I really hope that they make that run to the Final Four. Moving on from that, my new job is going really well. I love the fact that it's sooo close and I really like the people. Andrew and I are doing great. We stayed up late last night talking about EVERYTHING and it was amazing. We talked about things that had been on our mind but that we hadn't brought up to each other until last night. It was nice to get some insight on some things that I may not have otherwise known. One think I am not looking forward to is turning the clocks forward. Blah. I hate losing a hour of sleep tomorrow! But on the bright side, it will be sunnier longer each and everyday! Praise the Lord for that! Enjoy the great weather this weekend!

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