So apparently I am boring!


I have had NOTHING to really type about these past couple of weeks! So I am truly sorry for the lack of anything to read on here! One thing I'm excited about is that spring has finally decided show it's beautiful (and sometimes sneezed filled) face! I was beginning to be sick of snow and cold. And with spring comes the best basketball of the season. After Carolina's hard fought game last night, they are now in the Sweet 16...and oh how sweet it is! They played great last night (and so did LSU) and played with a lot of heart. So I guess we will see how the next couple of weeks ago. The only thing that is guaranteed at this point is that either you win, or you go home. And I for one, do NOT want the later to happen. Something else I'm excited about, aside from basketball, is that on April 25th, Andrew and I are going to Chapel Hill to have some pictures taken since I hated our wedding pictures so much. Carly Brantmeyer is the amazing photographer who will be taking them! I can't wait to go up there for pictures, and just to be in Chapel Hill in the spring. We're hopefully gonna make it to the baseball game that night and just stay the night. It'll be a great weekend (just pray for NO RAIN that afternoon!). Okay...that is really and truly about all I have to say, so I hope everyone has a great rest of your Sunday afternoon!

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