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This weekend has been nothing short of great. And I am going to start from today and work backwards. This morning's sermon was incredible. I can't ever really remember a service where I didn't be believe that Pastor Livingston wasn't on point, but this morning was one that I believe will stick with me for years to come. I will never do it justice in trying to explain it, so if you'd like to hear it this is it. I really hope that you have time to listen to it because I believe no matter what season you are in or where you are in your spiritual walk, it will truly bless you. No matter what we do to try to make God smaller or try to belittle who He is or what He is doing, it will never, ever work. No matter how we try to make God fit into our lives and conform Him into we want, He never shifts or moves. And even though at certain points we may not like that, praise God for it! How thankful I am He takes my moments and times of weakness and chooses to show just how great His strength is. Hard moments should be used to glorify God, not whine and cry about how unfair life can be. Get over it! Ok, so maybe that was a little harsh...but seriously...God is good ALWAYS! So please take some time to listen to that message. It is pretty great. And, unfortunately, I had to go to church alone this morning because of silly NASCAR (Andrew had to be there at like 6), so this afternoon when he got home I filled him in a little bit. And praise God that since he had to go to work so early this morning, he had the opportunity to witness to a guy that he works with. It blesses my soul so much that my husband's heart for the Lord is so strong.

(Now do you see why I started with today??)

Sunday was definitely the best day out of the 2, but yesterday was great too! Andrew and I were able to spend the day together and drive up to Winston-Salem and...BUY A NEW CAR!!! We've been looking for a couple of months and we were waiting to get our federal tax refund. So FINALLY everything was alligned (finacially) and we were able to get it!

There it is! My pretty pretty Honda Civic! I still can't believe it's ours! It's a great car and will hopefully last for many years to come! After we got it, we went to show my dad who also loved it! My mom was unfortunately out of town so she didn't get to see it yesterday, but hopefully soon! We ate lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, then made a quick run to the mall and made our way back to Charlotte. Once we got back to Charlotte, we ate dinner with Andrew's parents and our lovely nieces!

I love those 2 litle girls! God has truly blessed me with great family and I couldn't imagine my life without them! Next weekend is going to be awesome--we will be going to Chapel Hill to see some great friends and have some pictures taken by an amazing photographer! I love spring time!

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