The perfect day in the perfect place


In my opinion, if you are in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, there is no way not to enjoy yourself (unless of course you are a Duke fan). I mean, everything there is the most perfect shade of blue; everyone walking around is wearing at least 1 article of clothing that is supporting UNC; and I believe that is the epitome of a college town. Andrew and I drove up on Friday night and after checking into our hotel, we drove out to Raleigh to hang out with the lovely Erin Cobbler, Burke (the 1 good duke fan i know) and Garrett. After hanging out for a little bit at Burke and Garrett's, we decided that Krispy Kreme was the perfect destination (at 11 p.m.) and once we arrived, we were pleased to see that "Hot Now" sign was burning brightly. In short: Yum! The doughnuts were great, hanging out with friends was great, the overall night...great. Saturday morning we got up a tad earlier than my body would've preferred, but we had a full day ahead of us! We got to the Carolina Basketball Museum a little after 9 and thank goodness for that because by the time we left, it was packed.
My Carolina boyfriends
They'll have to update this soon!

Once we finished up at the museum, we met up with Chris and Kristen and walked up and down Franklin Street and went into the 53,897 stores that sell Carolina paraphernalia. It was a little overwhelming, but that's to be expected when you're walking into stores that are selling National Championship gear by the pounds! At this point is only 11:00 and perfection is continuing to pile on. Once lunch time had arrived, we walked down to "Four Corners" and ate a great meal with Chris, Kristen, Burke and Erin. The food was super good and cheap! To me, that equals the perfect meal. And then of course, we walked a little more; campus, Franklin street, etc. No particular destination in mind, just hanging out.
Love these girls so very much!
The boys being the boys...
So after a couple of hours of wandering around aimlessly, it was time to part ways and for Andrew and I to meet up with Carly. I felt like I had known her forever as opposed to yesterday being our first face-to-face meeting. We felt so comfortable around her and I can't wait to see all of the pictures! Unfortunately, I will have to wait about 3 weeks, but it will be so worth the wait! I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend!

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