Sweet summer time


This time of year is wonderful and great and extremely busy! There are weddings and graduations and vacations and moving (yay) and just life in general! So needless to say, my brain (in all of it's remarkable ways) is slightly chaotic at this given point in time. I wish that I could report that it was organized chaos...it's not. But that's okay. God is still good even when i'm crazy. In less than 2 weeks Andrew and I will be moving into our new apartment and also in less than 2 weeks, I will be at the beach with my mom and Jen. I'm a good wife huh? In my defense, I'd started planning this beach trip long before I knew we'd be moving. So when I get back from my relaxing long weekend of sun bathing, I'll come back to a nice new apartment that hubby moved into without me. Yeah...i'm a bad wife. On a completely seperate note, Steffi is graduating from Johns Hopkins on Thursday! I couldn't be prouder! It's such an amazing school and program and under all of the stress that goes along with it, she has come out just as gracefully as she entered. I wish I could be there to see it, but the working world doesn't allow for such luxeries as going to Balitmore in the middle of the week. Lame. And the best part about her graduating is that she will finally be moving back down here to this wonderful state! So instead of going 6 months or more without seeing her, it can be more like 2 months or whatever. Praise God! I know that I am rambling in this post, and I am truly sorry. I warned you--chaos that is not organized is happening in my brain. Just be thankful that you don't live with me!

Summer time is finally here...

...take the time to enjoy it!

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