Crazy Love


I have come to the conclusion that I have a whooole lot of things that I need to change and to place in God's hands. God has continued to amaze me and reveal Himself to me in ways that I could not even begin to describe. I have learned things about myself that I have never noticed but want to change desperately. I am currently reading Crazy Love by Pastor Frances Chan, and it is changing my thought process and mindset on so many things. As much as I would like to not be considered 'lukewarm' in my walk, I am in way too many aspects, and I am not okay with that in any way. I say that I give my heart and soul to Him, but it's definitely in sections and not all of me. How is that even remotely okay?? I have waves of unwavering devotion, but it is not nearly enough. This is a God who has asked of my everything and I continuously give pains me to realize it, but that to be the first step right? If I didn't know that I needed to change it, then there is no way that I could have. Praise God for teaching me patience, humility, and fear. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It will be impossible for you not to be changed.

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