I have no interesting title


I have been so slack on posting lately! I don't know if it's laziness or just lack of fascinating things to talk about. The summer has been great so far and Andrew and I still have a beach trip coming up (yay). I am super pumped about next weekend because Brittany, Burke and Erin are coming to say with us! Love it so much. I miss my friends and it'll be so nice to have them here. Have you noticed I'm reaching for things to write about?? Man...I am boring. I'll try to think of something the next time that might actually be worth writing/reading about. One thing that is exciting is that football season is right around the corner! And I am so ready. I mean, baseball is okay, but it is not football (obviously). Andrew and I will hopefully be making it up to Boone for a couple of App games and we're going to the Carolina/Miami game (courtesy of Andrew's awesome brother). Okay I'm done for now. I'll try to have a more interesting life to write about the next time!

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