Perfection in a season...


I am so completely and totally in love with this weather! The high allll week is in the 70's. Seriously. Perfection. And I am massively looking forward to this weekend. Steffi and her Andrew will be staying with us, Andrew and Amber are getting MARRIED, and Andrew and I are getting an addition to our family. No, it's not a baby...just another puppy! We might possibly be crazy for doing so, but Sam needs a friend desperately. Andrew and I don't do as well as other dogs apparently. And the organization that we're getting this little girl from is INCREDIBLE. These people love the Lord and this is their ministry; serve the Lord and save some lives. It's called Heaven's Own Rescue and I highly recommend checking them out if you're interested in getting a puppy/dog. I also need to apologize for those of you who read for the lack of posts. Blame it on a mixture of laziness and busyness! But life has been really, really good. God is starting to open up some doors for both Andrew and myself, and I'm excited to see what's going to happen in the coming weeks. I promise to keep this updated a little better! And expect to see pictures of our newest addition, Dani, next week! I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this amazing fall weather!

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