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October is slowly becoming my standout favorite month of the year. There are so many great aspects of this month. Fall weather is letting itself be known (especially when the temp drops to around 30), football is in full swing, and for this particular year, there is one potentially big thing that I'm praying for (if it comes through, you'll know). But I'm just excited for the remaining 12 days--seriously, that's it--of this month. This weekend Andrew and I are making our first trip up to Boone since last December! How in the world is that possible? Life goes by way to fast and I'm trying so hard to enjoy the little things a little more. That was maybe the cheesiest thing you'll read all week, but deal with it. I am so excited to see friends, enjoy some Appalachian football and some Cornerstone Summit Church. That's the biggie! But the rest of it is so needed and will be very much appreciated. And it'll also be nice to have a weekend away from our crazy puppies...I can't believe that someday in the future the word 'puppies' will be replaced with 'kids'. Ridiculously scary thought. And then next weekend is my birthday weekend! Yes, I'll be 24 and I can't wait for cake and ice cream and presents and everything that goes along with birthdays. I am 23 going on 4. Needless to say, I'd be okay if they decided to extend October just a little bit. How can you not love it all? Seriously.

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