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This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to watch the North Carolina Tar Heels decisively defeat the Miami Hurricanes. It was one of the most satisfying college football victory I have seen this entire season. One part that made it so satisfying is because my brother-in-law, Jon, is a BIG Miami fan. And don't get me wrong; I like Jon and any other time I would want the Hurricanes to win their match-up. But this weekend, I wanted them to go back to south Florida with a 'L'. It was the perfect day to experience football in Chapel Hill because the weather couldn't have been better and the stands were packed full of the most beautiful shade of blue. Through the course of the game Miami's quarterback threw four interceptions. That's right-FOUR. And two of those resulted in a Tar Heel touchdown. I had an amazing time with everyone and what made it even better was making the drive back to Charlotte knowing that Carolina had beaten a great Miami team. Because they are great. And as much trash as I had been talking to Jon, I honestly wasn't sure what the outcome would be. So needless to say, I was thankful for those interceptions and that Carolina's defense showed exactly what it's made of. Winning this game also makes Carolina bowl eligible. All in all, a much needed, wanted, and loved victory!


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