The Carolina basketball season officially started last night. And after defeating a rather scrappy F.I.U (Florida International U.) team, the Tar Heels are 1-0. Have I mentioned that I love this time of year? I think I even like football a little more when basketball co-exists with it. Andrew and I left Charlotte yesterday afternoon and arrived in Chapel Hill a little before 5. Since tip-off was set for 7:00 this allowed some free time to see Erin and Burke and enjoy their wonderful company for about a hour.
After we sadly parted ways, Andrew and I drove back onto Carolina's campus in search of some parking, which is always a task when attending any college sporting event in the state of North Carolina. Once inside the Dean Dome, I could literally feel my excitement growing. There is nowhere else in the world like that building. And since this was the first game since winning the National Championship game, the atmosphere was electric (seriously).The game was better then I could have imagined. It seemed so strange not to see that #50 jersey on the court and I know that it will probably take a few games for that to really sink in that that's the reality of it. But there are some talented freshmen playing this year and once they get the chemistry figured out, they're going to be a tough team to beat. Seeing the next 5 months (not nearly long enough) unfold will be exciting and I only wish that I could be in those seats for each and every game.


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