'Tis the season!


This Christmas season so far has been fabulous! Seeing friends and family, doing fun things with Andrew, the list goes on and on. Our apartment is fully decorated for Christmas with our beautiful tree and monogrammed stockings for us...and Sam and Dani. We know we're a little obsessed, but these are our children for now. I have a little Christmas shopping to finish up for Andrew and a few family members, but I'm not too stressed about that. The thought of making some Christmas cookies and Chex party mix gets me so excited I can hardly stand it. And I will hopefully be attempting to skate on ice for the first time this Sunday. There is an outdoor skating ring uptown and I can't wait to fall on my face numerous times. I know that that part is inevitable seeing as how I am not especially graceful. But nonetheless, I am extremely excited and can't wait to try it out! I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post on here next week of that excursion. Wish me luck!
 (a few pics of the season thus far)

our beautiful tree!

us at the bobcats game!

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