Oh to be a Gilmore


Seeing as how the lovely snow and sleet has kept me house bound the past 2 days, I have taken to reawakening a love of mine; Gilmore Girls. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it is fast talking, witty and fun.  I own 6 of the 7 seasons of what was once a favorite show on the CW (the WB when it started). Sadly, the 7th season had a different producer than the six that came before it and therefore was not nearly as wonderful or as easy to love.  Gilmore Girls began in 2000 and stars Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore (daughter) and Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore (mother).  Rory and Lorelai live in fictional Stars Hollow, Connecticut, which is the perfect cookie-cutter small new England town. Gilmore Girls is filled with easy to love (and hate) characters that probably any viewer can relate to. It is more or less a growing pains kind of show that I grew very much attached to. To see Rory transition from high school to college right around the same time as I did was wonderful. If you have ANY desire to watch the show, please let me know. I will happily loan you any one of the six seasons that are in my possession. Seriously...I recommend it.

 "Set in a storybook Connecticut town populated with an eclectic mix of everyday folks and lovable lunatics, Gilmore Girls is a humorous multi-generational series about friendship, family and the ties that bind. Thirty-something Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) has made her share of mistakes in life, but she has been doing her best to see that her college-bound daughter - and best friend in the world - Rory (Alexis Bledel), doesn't follow in her footsteps. The strong and loving mother-daughter relationship portrayed in Gilmore Girls touched users with its honest representation of a new type of American family."

Snow day!

When it comes to snow, I'm very much a 5 year old. I love it and get ridiculously over excited when it starts to fall. Yesterday (Saturday) morning, we woke up to a winter wonderland here in Charlotte. Unfortunately because of our crazy puppies, we got to enjoy it a little too early, but it was still beautiful. It was Dani's first snow experience and she loved it! She's a big baby when it comes to most things, so I wasn't sure how it would go. But she jumped around and went crazy as soon as we stepped out into it. 

It was very hard to get a picture of both of them since they were both constantly jumping and running. They had a great time and it was extremely amusing for Andrew and I to watch them.

me trying my hardest not to freeze!

Once the dogs were nice and worn out and we were thoroughly frozen, we headed back inside and enjoyed a ridiculously lazy Saturday. It was so nice not having to feel bad about it too. We enjoyed some nice warm lunches, watched Duke lose (sorry Burke) and watched a couple of movies. It was the perfect snow day!

Lady A


So there have been very few album releases that I have actually counted down to. The newest Lady Antebellum album had me counting down for weeks and I have not been disappointed. I have not heard a single song that I haven't loved. If you have the slightest desire to listen to country music, I HIGHLY reccomend this group. They're incredible!

The closest they'll be coming to us is Atlanta on May 15th and that is where I plan on being! Happy listening!

I like this...

Day by day


Marriage isn't something that is learned in a month, a year, or 10 years. It is something that you have to learn over and over again, day after day. It's never the same tomorrow as it was yesterday. Marriage is two individuals coming together and cleaving to one another. It has tough moments, days and sometimes weeks. The only reason that we can love the way that we should love is because God first loved us. And each and everyday, God is working on is separately and we have to rely on Him completely to give us the strength and the ability to love our spouse as He wants us to.  Andrew and I are will be married for two years this June, and I feel at times that there is no way that's possible. There are still so many things that we both need to work on and grow up in. And at times that is frustrating and tiresome, but praise God that we don't have to do it on our own. Love is patient and it doesn't fail. Marriage is hard work, but so unbelievably worth it. Andrew and I are extremely non confrontational which can sometimes be a very bad thing when it comes to expressing how we're feeling. But last night, we had (I believe) a great and productive conversation letting each other know things have to change and be worked on. We had gotten mad/frustrated with one another and that caused to HAVE to sit down and talk about it all. I hate that it had to happen that way, but in the end, it paid off. I have an amazing husband who loves me, prays for me and wants to be a better man for me. I don't believe that I deserve him, but I don't deserve forgiveness and grace, and God gives that to me anyway. Andrew is truly a blessing from God and I thank Him daily that He gave him to me. Take time today, tomorrow and everyday from this day forward to tell your spouse how much you love them and how thankful you are for them.

A perfect winter wedding

Last night, Andrew and I had the joy of going to his/our cousin Melissa's wedding. Personally, I could not IMAGINE getting married in the middle of January, but it was absolutely stunning. Melissa and Chris are amazingly adorable together and though I've only had the joy of being around them a handful of times, it's obvious to everyone how much they love each other. Their wedding was right outside of Greenville, SC at the Ryan Nicholas Inn

It was gorgeous inside and out. It was an intimate wedding with roughly 100 guests (give or a take).
The groom awaiting his beautiful bride

...and you may now kiss your bride!

It was a beautiful wedding with AMAZING food and I believe that the bride and groom thoroughly enjoyed themselves! It is always such a joy to be apart of someones love story. To know their story and to know how patient Chris was while he waited on Melissa is just awesome. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Chris Coker!!! We love you both so much!

Raleigh Fun!


Last weekend, Andrew, Dani, Sam and myself, loaded up the car and drove to Raleigh to spend the weekend with Steffi & Andrew Briley. We've been trying to plan this trip for quite some time and finally we found a weekend that worked for everyone. Andrew and I got there probably around 8:45 Friday night and spent the evening relaxing around their beautiful new town home with all of the crazy puppies. Saturday morning we got up and drove to the fairgrounds for the flea market. It was full of some awesome things. Unfortunately, none of us bought anything, but we had a great time walking around and looking.

After meandering around the flea market for a little while, we met up with Burke, Erin and Garret for some lunch. The place we ate was very, VERY different. Andrew and I are not the bravest when it comes to new foods, but obviously we survived and it wasn't too bad. Lunch was followed with Krispy Kreme which of course was amazing!

We enjoyed our delicious doughnuts back at Burke and Garret's apartment and watched Carolina lose once again. But thankfully, the company was excellent. Afterward, we headed back to the Briley's for a little bit of relaxation before dinner. Then the rest of the night was spent watching football. Sunday was filled with church, lunch and shopping. It was a great ending to a perfect weekend. It was definitely hard to leave though. I am so glad they don't live in Baltimore anymore, because 3 hours is too far for me. I'm already planning our next trip there! Andrew and I are so blessed to have such amazing friends. I couldn't ask for better!

Learning to have fun


I can't believe that this is only the second post that I will make for this 2009-2010 Carolina basketball season.  Unfortunately, this is a season that has thus far not been terribly enjoyable for me or any other Tar Heel fans I'm guessing. Games have been ugly regardless of the result. Win or lose, a lot of the times the five guys on the floor in Carolina blue just don't seem to be enjoying themselves. Yes they're young, but youth has nothing to with heart and determination. This squad often times seems lost and unsure of even how to play basketball, and for a group of guys that have more than likely been playing the game since they could walk, makes that fact inexcusable.

I can handle losses; it happens. But it's how you lose. The 2005-2006 team knew how to have fun and how to leave it all on the floor. The final record, 23 wins and 8 losses. That was a team made up of group of guys that played every game as if it was their last. They fought for every possession, played every second of every minute they were out there and knew that no game was a given. The wins were not always pretty and most of the time the losses were even uglier.

This 2009-2010 team lacks all of that. They just don't seem to care (with the exception of a few) and seem to be digressing as the season progresses as opposed to making strides in the right direction.  They lack the leadership on the court both in action and verbally. We have now entered regular conference play, and if I'm being honest, I am lacking faith in this team right now. The only bright spot in the lost against Clemson last night was when Coach Roy Williams took the 5 starters out and replaced them with 5 freshmen. Those 5 freshman showed more heart and had more fun for the 90 seconds that they were out there then either senior, junior or 2 sophomores that had been out there previously. I had no words last night. I have never seen a Carolina team play that poorly and that lazy. I had been hoping that the previous FOUR losses would have caused them to grow up and learn a little bit. So far, that hope has yet to happen.

Pray, read, fast and then do the whole process over again


The past couple of weeks at church, Pastor Livingston as been discussing prayer and fasting. Let me tell you, doing those things in faith is MUCH easier said than done. He implored the congregation to join he and his wife in the Daniel Fast. This is a fast which is 21 days and where you withstand the temptations of eating meats, sweets, dairy, coffee, tea, etc. Basically all things that make eating worth it. As soon as he said it, my thought was "hey I can do this, and since pastor says do it, I HAVE to do". And that was about as much thought that went into it. I did not approach it in the right manor. I didn't pray for the Lord's strength over the next 21 days and therefore I failed in many aspects of. I have not eaten sweets or red meat or had coffee, but I have eaten chicken and cheese. I also believe that part of my problem is that I became incredibly legalistic about the whole thing and put more focus on the eating part of it (lot of good that did) and not focusing on what the main point was, which is this; to bring myself to obey and follow God and resist my flesh.

James 4:7, "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

I have never had discipline in sweets. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved eating chocolate in any form. Cookies, pie, cake, pudding, sweet cereal, you name it, I would eat it. It's only been 7 days, and picturing the next 14 without any form of chocolate is bleak. But thank God that He is our strength when we are weak. I hope to start and complete the Daniel Fast one of these days. But I now know what I must do in order to prepare and what I must do in order to avoid temptations. God is good and strong even when I am not.

A couple weeks late with this one...


So I know that Christmas has unfortunately been over for a couple of weeks now, but I forgot to post about the BEST Christmas present Andrew and I received/bought for ourselves; a Nikon D5000! It is amazing and wonderful and I love it! We're still learning some of the basics with it, and since it's been Arctic type weather the past week or so, all we really have are indoor shots. And most of those consists of our dogs. I assure you that as soon as we get some decent pictures that don't consist of our furniture and Dani/Sam they will be posted. But since I'm still sad that Christmas is over, here is a picture of our beautiful tree:

Again with the learning thing


 "…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances" Philippians 4:11

I have decided that no matter how old you get, how long you're out of school (or your parents house), you never stop learning.  Here I am 24 years old, and I feel as though I'm still learning the basics of life. How to be unselfish, how to play nice, how to share, etc. God is working on me in ways that I had never dreamed of. It's exciting, but hard nonetheless.  I hope to walk out of the things I'm walking through right now a better, stronger, more faithful person. Only time will tell, but I am slowly but surely learning to rely on God more and to stop giving into every desire that I have. And that my dear readers is no easy task. I am discovering just how weak I am and how much I try to do it on my own. It makes me feel pretty gross actually. Here I know the greatest news that anyone can know, and I choose to continue to live on my own accord. God's will shall be done though no matter what I try to do to stand in the way of it. Praise Him for that. 2010 will be more of a molding year then I could have ever dreamed. I just hope that I make good clay.

Twenty-Ten...I am ready


I know that the beginning of the year means many things for many people. My resolution this year though is to not make any resolutions. I know the things about myself that I need to work on, but that may take more than 12 months. I'm excited to see how our lives will change of the course of this year because I know that God is moving. I just have to remember to trust and to be patient...that's the tough part. I am still hoping to be able to start my career this year and I truly believe that it could happen. But if not, that's okay. Patience has never been my strong suite, but praise the Lord that He gave me a husband who is ridiculously so. Andrew has been my rock while I've waited and waited...and then waited some more in this whole career/working thing. He's been so strong and put so gracious even when I let my flesh take over. He has been a constant reminder that no matter what, God is good and He provides. So I guess I could say that's my resolution; to know all the time that God is good and He provides. If I resolve to live knowing that, 2010 will be by far the best year of my entire life. But again, it could very well take longer than 12 months to truly live remembering those things.

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