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I can't believe that this is only the second post that I will make for this 2009-2010 Carolina basketball season.  Unfortunately, this is a season that has thus far not been terribly enjoyable for me or any other Tar Heel fans I'm guessing. Games have been ugly regardless of the result. Win or lose, a lot of the times the five guys on the floor in Carolina blue just don't seem to be enjoying themselves. Yes they're young, but youth has nothing to with heart and determination. This squad often times seems lost and unsure of even how to play basketball, and for a group of guys that have more than likely been playing the game since they could walk, makes that fact inexcusable.

I can handle losses; it happens. But it's how you lose. The 2005-2006 team knew how to have fun and how to leave it all on the floor. The final record, 23 wins and 8 losses. That was a team made up of group of guys that played every game as if it was their last. They fought for every possession, played every second of every minute they were out there and knew that no game was a given. The wins were not always pretty and most of the time the losses were even uglier.

This 2009-2010 team lacks all of that. They just don't seem to care (with the exception of a few) and seem to be digressing as the season progresses as opposed to making strides in the right direction.  They lack the leadership on the court both in action and verbally. We have now entered regular conference play, and if I'm being honest, I am lacking faith in this team right now. The only bright spot in the lost against Clemson last night was when Coach Roy Williams took the 5 starters out and replaced them with 5 freshmen. Those 5 freshman showed more heart and had more fun for the 90 seconds that they were out there then either senior, junior or 2 sophomores that had been out there previously. I had no words last night. I have never seen a Carolina team play that poorly and that lazy. I had been hoping that the previous FOUR losses would have caused them to grow up and learn a little bit. So far, that hope has yet to happen.

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