A perfect winter wedding


Last night, Andrew and I had the joy of going to his/our cousin Melissa's wedding. Personally, I could not IMAGINE getting married in the middle of January, but it was absolutely stunning. Melissa and Chris are amazingly adorable together and though I've only had the joy of being around them a handful of times, it's obvious to everyone how much they love each other. Their wedding was right outside of Greenville, SC at the Ryan Nicholas Inn

It was gorgeous inside and out. It was an intimate wedding with roughly 100 guests (give or a take).
The groom awaiting his beautiful bride

...and you may now kiss your bride!

It was a beautiful wedding with AMAZING food and I believe that the bride and groom thoroughly enjoyed themselves! It is always such a joy to be apart of someones love story. To know their story and to know how patient Chris was while he waited on Melissa is just awesome. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Chris Coker!!! We love you both so much!

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