Raleigh Fun!


Last weekend, Andrew, Dani, Sam and myself, loaded up the car and drove to Raleigh to spend the weekend with Steffi & Andrew Briley. We've been trying to plan this trip for quite some time and finally we found a weekend that worked for everyone. Andrew and I got there probably around 8:45 Friday night and spent the evening relaxing around their beautiful new town home with all of the crazy puppies. Saturday morning we got up and drove to the fairgrounds for the flea market. It was full of some awesome things. Unfortunately, none of us bought anything, but we had a great time walking around and looking.

After meandering around the flea market for a little while, we met up with Burke, Erin and Garret for some lunch. The place we ate was very, VERY different. Andrew and I are not the bravest when it comes to new foods, but obviously we survived and it wasn't too bad. Lunch was followed with Krispy Kreme which of course was amazing!

We enjoyed our delicious doughnuts back at Burke and Garret's apartment and watched Carolina lose once again. But thankfully, the company was excellent. Afterward, we headed back to the Briley's for a little bit of relaxation before dinner. Then the rest of the night was spent watching football. Sunday was filled with church, lunch and shopping. It was a great ending to a perfect weekend. It was definitely hard to leave though. I am so glad they don't live in Baltimore anymore, because 3 hours is too far for me. I'm already planning our next trip there! Andrew and I are so blessed to have such amazing friends. I couldn't ask for better!

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