DIY: Upholstered Headboard


Since we've been married, one thing that we have SEVERELY lacked is furniture. Our livingroom is comprised of hand-me-down furniture which has been extremely helpful, but nothing has been truly ours. The big problem is the price tag that hangs off of the furniture that could be ours. So something that I recently discovered we could do to help with our dilema is to do some things ourselves. Obviously, living in an apartment can somewhat hinder the space and tools needed for such tasks, but thankfully Andrew's parents live a mere 20 minutes away and have both of those incredibly necessary things.

Heavy-duty paper

1/4" plywood

Upholstery fabric

2" foam

Fiberfill batting


Tape measure



Circular saw or handsaw

Portable jigsaw

Utility knife

Staple gun


1. Figure out the size of what you’ll be upholstering or reupholstering. Make sure you have enough foam, batting, and plywood.

2. Create a template using heavy-duty paper. Attach the paper to the headboard using tape; the pieces can be taped together. Press the paper down near the edges; then mark using a pencil. Carefully cut out the template using scissors.
3. Place the template over the plywood and use tape to secure it. Trace the edge of the template on the plywood and cut the plywood. Use a handsaw for straight cuts and a portable jigsaw for curves.

4. Make sure you have plenty of fabric to cover your headboard. You'll want some overlay so you can cover the headboard and edges.
5. Get ready to cut the padding. Put the plywood you cut on top of the foam and cut with a sharp utility knife.
6. Lay the fabric on a flat surface with the backside facing upward (the side you won't show). Once in place, layer with the batting, foam, and then the plywood backer.

7. Put the headboard on the plywood. Fold the fabric over the back of the headboard and then staple in place. Start stapling in the center and proceed every 2” to 2.5” intervals for extra security.

8. Trim extra batting and material with scissors.
9. Hang the headboard 4" from the top of the bed (go higher for more drama).

I'll let you know how it goes!!

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Ashley M said...

I so want to do that too! You should check out the blog It has great ideas on how to get cheap furniture from craigslist etc. and make it into something beautiful! It will be tough for me to buy a full priced item after all the things you see people do. Good luck!

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