Excerpt from Mismatched Candlesticks


They are an odd, but pretty pair; the two candlesticks we have perched on the antique dresser in our master bedroom. While both are crafted from solid brass with similar round and sturdy bases, the shafts of each candlestick couldn't be less alike. One is straight and streamlined; not at all fancy, just functional; with tall lines, direct and strong. The second is designed with a touch of flair; two equidistant strands of brass whirl and swirl side-by-side in a "look at me" manner, as they ascend to the top of the shaft that holds the candle in place. I found each candlestick at a different yard sale, both in the same month. While their styles aren't the same, somehow this eclectic pair is an interesting match. And more importantly, they are a constant visual reminder to my husband and me, providing a tangible picture of our marriage.

My husband is the first candlestick. No frills. Straight-forward. Only about function. I am the second one. Crazy. Winding. All over the map. Completely about fun. While we both are "forged from brass" in that we are followers of Christ with the same spiritual foundation, pair our opposite-end-of-the-spectrum personalities together.

When I receieved this from Proverbs 31, I automatically thought of Andrew and myself. I wouldn't necessairily classify us as this person has done, but we are opposite enough if certain aspects that I could relate. Where I tend to be more vocal and dramatic, Andrew is the rock of our marriage. He is the one that grounds me and brings me back to where I need to be. When I start to freak out and not rest in the Lord, he's there reminding me just how good God is and how He's never failed us. Though Andrew and I differ in many ways, God knew how well we would compliment one another and how much He would be glorified with our marriage. I thank God daily that He placed someone like Andrew in my life and designed him to be the amazing husband that he is. In my opinion, everyone needs a candlestick in their life that doesn't quite match. It makes life much more fun. And praise God we're not made all the same!

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