A glimpse and a glimmer


The North Carolina Tar Heels currently stand at 13-8, 2-4 in the ACC. That record by itself is dissapointing  enough, but when this team has shown glimmers of what they have the potential to be, it makes it that much more frustrating.  On January 26th, the Heels defeated N.C. State 77-63. For the first time in a long time, it all seemed to click. They seemed to be having fun and enjoying one anothers company on the court. Unfortunately, that has NOT been the norm.  This has been a team this season that has often times seem confused and not excited to be on the hardwoods. The two lone seniors in Marcus Ginyard and Deon Thompson have not stepped up to be the leaders that both Coach Williams and the rest of the team needs them to be. I find myself dreading the minutes leading up to games and rushing the final seconds until my misery can be ended. Never in my life have I felt this way about Carolina basketball, and I truly hope that it never happens again. I understand that all teams have losing seasons and that I can handle. What I can't handle is when a team shows no heart and no desire night after night. In 8 days, these same Tar Heels will face a Duke Blue Devil team that thus far has been dramatically better. And with only a slim number of games (10 to be exact) remaining in the regular season, Carolina needs to have a quick and efficient turn around if they want to hold on to any kind of hope for a post-season run. And though I have faith in the individual players and the hall of fame coach, I'm just not sure there is going to be enough time for these Heels to do what they have done so well the past few years.  The next few weeks will be the determing factor of whether these Tar Heels will find themselves marching to Indianapolis. And as Deon Thompson said. "What's March without Carolina?"

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your posts about the carolina games/season make me wish i watched the games with you. i often get laughed at as a girl who follows a team and a sport so closely. they have no idea that sometimes us girls know what we're talking about it! basically I miss you and love you tons!

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