No words


It's true. I have no words. I don't even know how to express the disapointment, frustration, sadness and anger I'm feeling right now. And yes, it's all because of college basketball. The Carolina-Duke game is when the world stops and their eyes are fixated on the outcome of the biggest college sports rivalry. In years past, this has been a game that I really and truly believed the prettier shade of blue would come out on top. And though that was not always the case, I had faith that the five guys that ran the hard wood would make it happen. Last night, I could only hope that those glimmers and glimpses would show up for 40 minutes. And though the heart and desire was evident for 35 minutes, that clearly wasn't enough. Unfortunately, Duke walked away with the victory for the first meeting of 2010. It was a hard fought game on both ends and the Tar Heels looked as good as they've looked all season. Another big part of last night's meeting was the retiring of Tyler Hansbrough's jersey. The number 50 will never be worn by a Tar Heel again. I was probably a tad over-emotional, but that player left everything he had on the court every game.  Part of me was hoping that his heart would manage to spill out on to the current members of the Tar Heel squad; that of course is just a silly thing to believe would ever happen, but I couldn't help myself. The Tyler Hansbrough's of the world are very few and even farther between and I would be ridiculously surprised if a player of his magnitude ever graced the college basketball floor again. But for what is worth, it was an honor to watch him grow, fight and play in the 4 years that he was there. He is truly not only what Carolina basketball is all about, but he represents what all of college basketball is and should be.  Despite the end result, it was a good game and I'm interested to see which team decides to play against N.C. State this Saturday. I hope it's the one with heart.

L. Drew & W. Graves battle against K.Singlar
J. Henson fighting for posession
T. Hansbrough & Coach Williams talking before the game

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