Showing What You're Made Of


Michael Jordan. Phil Ford. Eric Montross.  J.R. Reid. Shammond Williams. These are just a few of the names that make up the last 100 years of North Carolina basketball.  On Friday night, those players took their rightful place on the court in the Dean E. Smith Center to play in the Celebration of a Century game.  These players have won national championships, played in the NBA and changed the face of Carolina basketball as we know it. These players and the coaches that coached them have shaped UNC into what is today and the players stepped onto the court on Saturday afternoon were hoping to change this season as we know it. It's no secret to sports fans that the Tar Heels have had a less than stellar  2009-2010 season. However, after watching many of the same names that grace the rafters, the 2010 squad seemed to have a better understanding of their family tree. The 74-61 defeat over N.C. State broke a four-game losing streak and was much needed in order to restore some confidence to this young team.  Due to some significant injuries, it also gave Coach Williams the opportunity to play the many freshman that currently control his roster. John Henson, Leslie McDonald, Dexter Strickland and David Wear contributed a total of 34 points. The game was fun and entertaining and I believe that that the many influential alumni that served as spectators played a role in that change. It's never a bad thing to know what came before you.
Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington had their jersey's honored

J. Henson dunk

Freshman Leslie McDonald battles for possession

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