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As a girl, I am always on the lookout for a good deal. Whether that be on clothes, beautifying products, or food items, I am a fan when the aforementioned can be bought at a fraction of the price. Yesterday was a personal triumph for me. I was able to get some great clothes that can/will be used for my new job as well as for church. And the purchase that I was most excited about was this Talbots skirt that I got for $12.00!
I know it may be hard to see it as a whole with this picture, but it is a great skirt! Marshalls is the perfect place to find a good deal, and I sadly have not utilized it properly in the past. Hopefully now, though, that will all change. Along with the skirt, I got 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, and a movie (Bride Wars). It was an extremely successful shopping trip.
Another great deal finding venue that I discovered this weekend whilest blog stalking is Vitacost. This site is amazing if you buy vitamins, health supplements and all-natural health and beauty products. I am so excited to start using this site on a regular basis! The first thing I'm going to be buying is some Alba products

I adore this line, but the "cheapest" place I can find is Target, and it is not that cheap. I can get a bottle from VitaCost for almost half the cost.  So if you use any of the products that I mentioned above, I would strongly suggest checking it out. Let me know if you know of other great deal finding places/sites!

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Amanda Wissmann said...

LOVE it! Its a great deal too! Im all about good deals, my mom taught me well :)

Just came across your site from 20SB and thought I would say hello! Looking forward to catching up on your blog!

My husband and I are currently living in Peru and for Easter we are doing a giveaway with the chance to win goodies from PERU! Come check it out :)


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