Looking for Home Sweet Home


That's right, Andrew and I have started actively looking for a house that could be our own! And when I say actively, I mean we put an offer in yesterday afternoon. Now we're just waiting to either hear their acceptance or receive their counter offer. It's an exciting process, but obviously a scary one. We ask that you all continue to cover us in your prayers and that if this isn't God's will, that He firmly shut the door. As much as we want to own our own home, God's timing is far more important. But I assure you that we'll keep you posted! I also wanted to leave you with some pictures so you could see our potential new home!

We think that the house has a lot of potential and it would be a great first home. It's big enough for us to grow in, but not too big. As Goldy Locks would say, "it's juuuust riiight". So wish us luck, but more importantly, keep us in your prayers!

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