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So ever since viewing my wedding pictures made me cry, I have been slightly obsessed with having pictures taken of Andrew and myself. Thankfully, one of the best photographers I've ever seen is a very good friend of mine, so it's never an issue trying to decide who we want to do the pictures. Carly Brantmeyer is an absolute joy to be around and to work with. With that said, my next project is figuring out when/where Andrew and I can have some pictures done this year. We had some done last year in April in Chapel Hill and in Duke Gardens. They of course turned out perfectly because Carly is, as I said, amazing. This year I want something a little different. For a lack of a better word, I want something that could be possibly classified as 'edgy'. One possible place I've considered and we've discussed is Main Street of Rock Hill, SC
This street has character and I in turn, it would produce some awesome pictures. Another option is going Uptown. I know there would be some great locations.

I just like the streetcar and some seriously fun photos could come from that. But ideas or opinions are very much welcomed! Let me know what you think.

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