Oh yeah, it is March...


This March is a strange one for me. Usually at this point I'm stressing, not sleeping well and even more obsessed (yes it's possible) with North Carolina basketball. Not this year though. No, this year I'm just picking a team that I hope will win, but really won't care all that much if they don't. Because you see, this year, Carolina basketball was not was it usually is and they ended up in the NIT. A place they have not been since 2003 and a place Roy Williams had never been until this year. So for me, it's hard to remember March where I wasn't stressing, not sleeping and even more obsessed. And therefore, March Madness truly isn't that "mad" for me. But I will continue to cheer for them through their "run" in the NIT and hope that it prepares them even more for next year...because that's what I'm waiting for....next year.

But moving on. Another big part of March is that yesterday was my last day at Piedmont Eye Care. It was sad, but I'm really excited for the next chapter of my life...which starts on Monday. But me being me, took our camera yesterday so I could get a few shots with the people that have been in my life a lot for the past 13 months

my front desk counterpart!
a great friend
someone I hope to be friends with for many years to come

God blessed me so much when He gave me the opportunity to work there. I learned a lot about myself, about His grace and just working in the "real world". I really and truly don't think I would be able to do a good job at URS if I hadn't first worked there. It was a good season, but I am honestly glad that it has changed. I hope that Monday will be the start of a new adventure, and I really can't wait to start it.

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