Surreal on a Whole New Level


I sincerely apologize for lack of posts lately. Life has been hectic, glorious and surreal. To start off on something not significant to my life, the North Carolina Tar Heels finally reached the 2000 mark for all time wins. And to celebrate they go and get humiliated by Duke. It has been that season. But instead of showing what would be a depressing picture of the latter, I will show the team on a high!
On another more relevant note, it appears that after months of waiting (not always patiently) and applying...I...Maggie Janke...have finally started my career {insert the surreal part} !!!! I'm still so shocked. It will with URS Corporation and I will be serving as an Outreach Coordinator. My main job responsibilities will be delivering presentations and event planning. My main hope is that this is all in the right time. Although I know what God wants, He gets, but I want to be aligning with His timing. So I will continue to pray the next couple of weeks and if i feel that this is not the road He wants me to go down, then I trust He'll reveal that to me. But for now, I am extremely excited and believe that this is the right job for me, even though it'll be so hard to leave the friends I've made at my job. I trust that God will give me the confidence and faith I need to move forward.  
Another surreal part is that Andrew and I have started the process of house buying. There are still a quite a few details that we have to figure out and get worked out, but so far so good. And that is another thing that we're praying hard on. So please pray for us. We want to make the right decision and by 'right' I mean a faith based- thoroughly prayed for-decision. God's hand has to be all over both of these things. It's so exciting and scary all at the same time. It's back to the whole growing up thing and being an adult thing. Somewhat terrifying! 

I'll keep you posted though!

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